The Future

If you want this

Then you have to have this.

This is the problem. In many of our so called “developed” countries the powers that be are deciding that music is an optional subject and not an essential one. This is a big mistake as it means that only the people who can afford to buy or rent an instrument and pay for private tuition are able to get the benefits of learning to play an instrument. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Music should, and MUST be for all.

The positive benefits of music in school is often overlooked. The shy become more confident, maths and comprehension improve, social skills develop, reading skills improve, teamwork is developed, coordination skills are improved and they will become smarter as music uses almost all of the brain and increases cognitive ability. THIS IS NOT JUST FOR RICH KIDS.

Until our governments, school districts and councils, Head teachers and school boards get it into their heads that music is just as important as other subject (including art which is another threatened subject), we have every intention of making as much noise (pun intended) as possible and providing instruments and tuition to less well off children of school age. We are working with schools, private tutors, instrument manufacturers, community bands and youth groups in the UK, USA and Europe to try and make a difference.

The company is committed to providing the communities where we work with free instruments for children that would not normally be able to afford them, and they have these on a free loan for as long as they are in school, or a member of a community band. We appreciate every donation that we receive, whether it is via this website or in person at one of our events. 100% of this money goes directly towards instruments and tuition. We are able to do this due to the support from grants and sponsorship received locally. If you wish to make a donation please click here or go to “JOIN” on the menu bar.

When I was young I was lucky enough to have a community band supplied instrument and 3 hours a week group tuition at that community band, plus a 40 minute one-to-one peripatetic lesson once a week in school for free. I still play today – and although I am certainly not a world leader in my music ability, I have been welcomed into bands in many countries where I even didn’t speak the language but fitted straight in as music is the truly international language. I have been honoured and privileged to have played with Championship section brass bands, Military bands in 13 different countries, 4th section community brass bands in rural villages and have even served as bandmaster for my local wing of the Royal Air Force Cadet Band. None of this would have happened if it had not been for the local community band and the availability of music in my school. Let’s give other less well off kids the opportunity to do some of this and make a difference to their lives, their community and their health. There is nothing like having to attend rehearsals and practice an instrument to keep kids focused and off street corners!